We produce carefully hand-picked organic specially mushrooms to Lebanon's Top Chefs, Finest Restaurants, more specifically Food Wholesalers and Gourmet Grocers.

Mushrooms are our passion!

Founded in 2011, Franje is an organic fresh produce company dedicated to growing, distributing and marketing of organic gourmet mushrooms and a variety of herbs.

Our state-of-the-art farm is nestled in Hboub, Jbeil in Mount-Lebanon, where we cultivate four varieties of specialty mushrooms along with rosemary, thyme, basil and other herbs for top chefs, restaurants, hotels, and stores in Lebanon.

A commitment to create value for our clients. We safeguard quality at every step of the supply chain, by using the most advanced systems to guarantee freshness and to deliver our mushrooms at the peak of their perfection; clean, hand-picked, nutritious and organic.



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Our vision is to enrich lives, nourish people and create a healthy community.



We are committed to grow healthy, sustainably, fresh produce while educating our community about the benefits of healthy living and environmentally friendly farming practices.

Inspiring Lebanese chefs each day with new flavors, enticing recipes and expertly-crafted mushroom dishes.

A glimpse of recipes made by Lebanese Chefs using our Fresh Organic Porducts!

Because no matter how much you love them, raw mushrooms aren't are tasty as cooked ones.

Thankfully, some of Lebanon's great chefs are creating culinary magic with Franje mushrooms!


The farm is spread over a 10,000 m2 area in Jbeil above the Mediterranean, where computerized techniques and sensors are used in the procedure of planting ad harvesting mushrooms and herbs.

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